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Kokio is a multinational
Company focused on design

manufacture and distribution of Power generation systems and advanced Energy solutions. Kokio is committed to become a world-class expert in power supply with the use of cutting-edge technologies, excellent designs, global service with various distribution locations all over the 5 continents, that culminates in the improvement of global power supply.

Kokio's professional engineering teams offer maximum quality solutions and services, that both meet the needs of diversified customer and fundamental market, and customized services.

engineering team
Provide the best
quality solutions
Satisfy diverse
Provide customized
The company offers tailor made solutions for different market niches

The company offers tailor made solutions for different market niches. It can also provide the necessary training for installation, operation and maintenance.

Kokio can manage and design turnkey solutions for power stations and IPP. The complete system is flexible and versatile in options, in quick Installation and can be integrated easily.It operates reliably and delivers more power.

Stable Operation

You can always count on Kokio to ensure its professional integrated service from project design to implementation, which guarantees constant safe and stable operation of the power station.